Meet Sarah

Starting back when I was just a girl, baking and decorating cakes and cookies at home, I realized quickly that I loved to bake. I also found that I loved to bake for other people and special events, and before long, I had lost count of how many decorated cakes and cookies I had made for everyone, but knew that it was just the beginning.

My whole life I have enjoyed artistic and creative things. While in school, I found that I really enjoyed time spent using my creative flare for drawing, painting, and making ceramics, but found my true passion by merging my creative talents and baking skills. Upon this realization, I worked at several different restaurants and bakeries, which really helped to fine-tune my skills and allowed my creativity to soar.

Although I do make cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, I am always eager to accept new decorating and baking challenges as they arise. When people would ask me what I make, I always replied, You know, cakes ‘n’ such. And the name stuck.